new collection necklaces with handmade pearl oysters

I hou van het strand, het zand en de schelpen. het heeft me geinspireerd om een collectie van kettingen te maken. Ik hebĀ  I made pearl oysters by using my thumb to shape the form of the beads. I also used pearl glaze combined with cobalt-oxide en copper-oxide for my other beads, Each ceramic bead is handmade, glazed, some porcelain beads with gold-luster. Because these lusters are made of actual gold, the end result is a beautiful brilliance/ I also used beads of lapis lazuli. The length of the necklaces can be adjusted.

Length: 48 cm
Length 49 cm
length 46 cm
Length: 47 cm
Length: 48 cm
Length 40 cm with a max of 65 cm